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Real Racing 2 HD

Real Racing 2 HDGames-Racing / v 1.11.02 / English

Just like The Fast and The Furious ,feeling tense and exciting.........realistic picture..come on! worth to buy it....

2011-09-23 15:46:01 byFiona

Final Freeway

Final FreewayGames-Racing / v 1.5 / English

Operation feedback more fluent~~whether in iPhone4 or iPad carries on the competition, The flow of the racing action is attractive...

2011-09-13 14:08:27 byscat

Global War

Global WarGames-Racing / v 2.13 / English

I guess game companies are very good at using icons to misguide their customers. As apps bought at App Store are nonrefundable, and introductions are either too abstract or too long for customers to read carefully. When picking up games at the app store, the main references are screenshots and icons. So many developers try their best to make the screenshots and icons look good enough for the customers to believe that what they are buying is a fun game. I bet nearly every iDevice user has been deceived by such screenshots or icons. When I downloaded Global War, I was hoping that it would be a fun air combat game, as what its icon shows. But it turns out that it's a war that with no action. You just press a button and wait to press another. Maybe my imagination ability is weak, I just don't find the game interesting at all.

2011-09-02 16:07:55 byyuki


OvenBreak-InfinityGames-Racing / v 1.12 / English

OvenBreak-Infinity is definitely one of my favorite games on my iPhone. It's so fun and easy to play. Ginger Brave is a character that we are all familiar with. I particularly love his cute but evil face. And in this game we need to guide him dash for freedom. The operation itself is not hard at all, but you really need to react as fast as you can, since Ginger Brave's mad dash is really mad. You can die easily if you are not quick enough. When you do die, you will feel so chagrined and cant' help trying again. I guess that's why this game is super addicting. The new update allows you to play your ipod music while playing, that's a huge improvement to me. But I think the game needs more levels. As a paid app, it really needs to add some levels so that customers would feel it worth the price.

2011-08-24 16:59:49 byyuki

Miro: Color The World!

Miro: Color The World!Games-Racing / v 1.1 / English

Innovative concept, fun for everyone in the family.

2011-08-04 15:09:34 byyuki

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