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Comicsbooks / v 1.7.5 / English

its cool try it

2011-05-16 11:13:40 bypewy

Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: ...

Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: ...reference / v 1.0 / English

Nod bad

2011-05-16 11:12:03 bypewy

Angry Birds

Angry BirdsGames-Arcade / v 1.6.2

I would of given this 5 stars but the new adds are VERY ANOYING! I paid $ for this app so I do not want adds! There already is a version with adds so don't add it to the paid version. The adds also make it take longer to restart the level. TAKE THE ADDS O

2011-05-16 11:11:18 byFiona


Kindlebooks / v 2.8.1

The unfortunate thing about this update is that it removes access to the dictionary outside of looking up words in books. In other words, the dictionary is no longer useable as a stand-alone book. In my view this is a serious downgrade. To use the dict

2011-05-16 11:10:09 bypewy

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictationbusiness / v 2.0.7

For the moment, this is the best solution to hunting and pecking on the iPhone. To get some tips about how to use it search for "some tips for dragon dictation". It's actually a lot more powerful than I realized.

2011-05-16 11:07:26 byFiona

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionaryreference / v 1.1

To remove ads, 1.99 should be reasonable! Great app though! Even after the last update it keeps closing the app while trying to look up words. This is a great and usefull app with many convenient and clever features... And its free. Please fix the prob

2011-05-16 11:05:16 bypewy

La nota dolente

La nota dolentebooks / v 1.1 / Italian

Boring Italian book.

2011-05-16 11:02:11 bypewy

PBS KIDS Photo Factory

PBS KIDS Photo FactoryGames-Kids / v 1.2 / English

The PBS videos are chopped up into short segments, requiring too much interruption for loading. The segments themselves are not always listed sequentially, further requiring a child to know which clip to select next if s/he wants to continue with the stor

2011-05-16 11:00:31 byFiona

Institutes of the Christian Religion FULL

Institutes of the Christian Religion FULLbooks / v 1.0 / English

Learn about Christian Religion, it's fun and useful.

2011-05-16 11:00:17 bypewy

Dictionary.com - Dictionary & Thesaurus - iPad

Dictionary.com - Dictionary & Thesaurus - iPadreference / v 2.1 / English

Once was my favorite APP. Your recent update totally ruined it! Now it's SLOW, it's quirky & it's a hassle just to look-up a word. Anyone who shares my opinion will find the Merriam-Webster dictionary APP to be an excellent alternative!

2011-05-16 10:55:44 byFiona

Сборник романсов русских композиторов

Сборник романсов русских композиторовbooks / v 1.0 / English

Want it for my Russian learning

2011-05-16 10:38:31 byyuki

MOMOTARO (Dream Picture Books)

MOMOTARO (Dream Picture Books)books / v 1.1

A well-known Japanese fairy tale. I'm curious how it would be told in English.

2011-05-16 10:31:55 byyuki

A.Belyaev R

A.Belyaev Rbooks / v 1.0 / Russian

Read this 2 years ago. Never thought I would run into in on iPhone. A nice book for all Russian learners

2011-05-16 10:27:45 byyuki

Millionaire's Mind

Millionaire's Mindbooks / v v1.0 / English

I'm very happy with this app. It's free, and it's T.Harv Eker! Get it and use it.

2011-05-16 10:27:21 byFiona

Infinity Blade

Infinity BladeGames-Adventure / v 1.31

One of my favorite games on iPhone. Definitely a must-have app.

2011-05-16 10:19:41 byyuki

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