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About us

What is AppleApp?
Among the thousands apps in the App Store available in your iTunes, how do you know which ones are worth downloading? How do you decide which app to buy when they are of the same category and all look great? App reviews can do some help here, but aren’t they always too prolix to read? And you don’t even know if the writer has the same taste as you do. An effective way to discover the right app for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is still lacking.

That’s why we started AppleApp. AppleApp is a place where you can share, discuss and discover apps that are right to your taste. We believe the most helpful advice often comes from people that share the same interests. AppleApp offers you an ideal space to meet such people. Here you can share your views about apps, find people that speak the same language, check their favorite apps, and find something interesting that you may have missed.

Please note that AppleApp.com is an independent website. There is no connection between AppleApp.com and Apple.Inc.

It’s all about sharing!
AppleApp is owned and managed by everyone who registers. The contents on AppleApp are decided by you, our users. Your comments and reviews are important advices to other users. The tags you add may help people find what they want quickly. Your vote can decide which apps will appear in the top lists. The more you share, the more you can discover. If you are a developer, join us and fight for your app. A brand new promotion stage is waiting.

Hope you all find what you need here and have a good time.

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