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1.8 million Free Books – Read Kobo eBooks!

Current version: 4.5.1
Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later


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Download our FREE app and start reading millions of free and affordable eBooks from the palm of your hand. Read everything from the hottest new releases to popular classics, plus stay top of current news and trends with newspaper and magazine subscriptions. With Kobo, reading on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch couldn't be easier.

Download the FREE Kobo app now!

10 great reasons to try Kobo:

#1: Make reading more fun and social with Reading Life™.
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Review From iTunes

  • On Store Removal Version:4.5.1 By alanQuatermain

    I Work For Kobo, And It Appears That This Is The Only Means Through Which I Can Alert Users To The Reasons For The Changes In The App I Wrote. Every Other Mention Has Resulted In The App Being Rejected By Apple, Even As They Allow Other Applications To Do So.

    The Store Was Removed Because Apple Rejected Any Updates Which Included It, Period. They Also Rejected Any Updates Which Stated That Apple Required Its Removal, Or Indeed Any Mention Of 'Compliance With App Store Guidelines'. It Was Further Rejected For The Cardinal Sin Of Allowing Users To Create A Kobo Account Within The App. Then It Was Rejected For Providing A Link To Let Users Create An Account Outside The App. Then It Was Rejected For Simply Mentioning That It Was Possible To Sign Up, With No Direction On Where Or How One Could Do That. Then It Was Rejected For Making Any Mention Of The Kobo Website. Then For Any Mention Of 'Our Website' At All, In Any Language. We Additionally Cannot Make Any Assertions That Kobo P

  • ...more
  • App Was Great Till Update Version:4.5.1 By Meli

    Thanks Apple For Messing Up A Perfectly Good App. Apparently Apple Has New Rules Which Does Not Allow Kobo Store To Be Directly In The App. Now You Have To Go Through Safari Browser To Search For New Books. Why Can'T You Leave A Good Thing Alone.

  • Apple Ruined A Great App Version:4.5.1 By Jojo911

    That'S Right, I Said Apple Ruined This. It Was One Of, If Not The Best Reader Apps For The IPad. It Still Is In Many Regards. But Apple Introduced A Rule That Would Require Companies Like Kobo To Pay Apple 30% Of All Profits From In App Sales. So Kobo Had To Remove The Link To Their Store To Avoid Paying That Fee. This Makes It Annoying To Use.

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